Kathy Petrino - IDevLabs.Com
April 21, 2020
There are many reasons Kathy Petrino has a penchant for writing about her favorite travel destinations. She wants to see everything worth seeing in this world and she loves sharing. Kathy writes enthusiastically about every trip she takes and she wants everyone to have as much fun as she does, and to avoid the occasional pitfalls that come with travel anywhere. As one example, Kathy Petrino truly wants everyone to visit the beautiful city of Asheville, North Carolina.

Kathy Petrino honestly sees Asheville as being among the most innovative and eclectic small cities in the United States, even as it slowly makes its way into the national spotlight. Asheville is a great city for arts; there are more than 200 different artists showing off their work in their River Arts District, which is known as one of the most diverse arts districts anywhere. Of course, other creative types have outlets for their talents. Asheville is known for the amazing food in their restaurant district. They can boast of more award-winning chefs than can be found in other cities of the same size, which makes the city remarkable.
October 18, 2019
There are so many reasons why Kathy Petrino loves to write about her travels, which are extensive. First of all, she is generous. Not only does she want to see as many great places as possible in her lifetime, but she wants to share her experiences in a way that makes others want to see the same things. Kathy also would like for those who read her blog to make fewer of the missteps she has made on the same trips. She wants others to have as good a time as she had, if not better. That is the primary reason Kathy Petrino writes about every aspect of her trips; she wants others to have as much fun as she.

One of Kathy Petrino’s favorite destinations is Florida’s Emerald Coast, which is the state’s northern Gulf Coast. For many years, the region was called the “Redneck Riviera,” but in recent years the fine sane and funky beach towns have taken on a new luster, as celebrities and “beautiful people” have adopted the region and spurred a needed revitalization. Now referred to as the “Emerald Coast” of Florida, the rich and famous are hoping that not everyone has gotten the word that the affordable slice of Florida is also gaining much when it comes to class.

In recent years, a number of savvy investors have been making a great show of revitalizing the area with new hotels and condo buildings, including the first-ever five-star resort, called Henderson Beach Resort. So many investments are being made that the town of Seaside (or ‘Seahaven’, for fans of the movie, The Truman Show) has been transformed into one of the most beautiful and eco-friendly towns in Florida; their 80acres are now being studied in architecture schools.